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We believe people deserve a simple pharmacy experience. To feel confident they are getting the best prices and the highest quality care. We are your pharmacy expert and partner on your journey to better health.


The extraordinary care you deserve

We offer care specifically designed to your unique needs. We help you understand your medications. Plus, we hand deliver straight to your home.

How is Rite-Away different?


Low prices

Our team helps you find the best prices on your medications and we accept all major insurances.


Free delivery

We hand deliver your medications right to you, for free. Get your meds on your time, without having to come to the pharmacy.


Adherence packaging

Have trouble remembering to take your medications? We offer packaging that makes taking meds simple.

The absolute best pharmacy I’ve ever worked with. The deliveries are so convenient, and the staff is always friendly and helpful.
This pharmacy is second to none when it comes to customer service. I will never go to another big-box pharmacy again. This place makes you feel like family, versus making you feel like a customer.
This is my favorite pharmacy in the entire world.
The best decision we ever made was switching our business to this pharmacy! The entire staff is knowledgeable and kind! This place is a gem!

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