How to Take An Effective Mental Health Day Off

Start by actually taking one.

Most work places have something called “sick” days. We take one when we are feeling physically under the weather, but what about our mind? Taking a day off work for mental health reasons is entirely appropriate and should be promoted more by companies.

A global pandemic, loneness, anxiety.. there are many reasons why putting energy into mental health should be prioritized. If you are starting to feel the weight of it all or just need a break, take a mental health day. Focus on self care. Do nothing, do something fun, do what ever feels good in the moment.

You don’t have to over think it or plan out every second. There are no wrong answers here. The point is that you are taking a day for you. A day to forget all of your responsibilities. I know not everyone has the luxury of doing that completely, but take what you can get. Even if that’s a few moments in the bath. Spending 30 minutes watching your favorite show between making the kids lunch and playtime.

If you need a break, take a mental health day. You deserve it.