This Morning Routine Will Improve Your Mood


Write down your thoughts. Every morning. Take 15 minutes to clear away all the clutter. I’ve heard this process called, “spiritual windshield wipers”. Waking up with a million ideas, a to-do list longer than the day before, worries, excitements, love.. All of these get jumbled. All of these prevent us from seeing clearly.

Writing all these down helps us see. Helps us wipe away all of these thoughts. Not forever.. It just gives them a home. A home on the page. A place to live. Once these thoughts can rest, you can start your day with a blank slate. A true new start.

Don’t over think it. Don’t try to write to impress or with any order what so ever. Just write whatever comes to mind. Even if it jumps to different topics. Writing slows our mind down. We can only think as fast as our pen moves along the page. It slows us enough to be conscious.

Write and start every day with a clear mind.