What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Been going for years I love going there everyone nice, friendly and helpful always have meds ready fast keep it up, guys!"

"Fast service and friendly staff. Thank you all for your courtesy and quick turn around time."

"Great service DR asked to try a different pharmacy so I did but didn’t like the one they wanted me to go to so I’m going back to rite away. Never have any problems getting my scripts filled here. Thanks, guys!"

"Best pharmacy I've been coming here for years and I'm not planning on changing, NEVER had a problem, the staff is very friendly and always have my prescriptions rite,I recommend it."

"Friendly staff, neighborly service! They even deliver at no extra charge!"

"Very friendly staff love this pharmacy!"

What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Friendly & courteous staff who go out of their way to make sure you get the best possible price for your prescription or over-the-counter medication. I had just been released from the hospital and walked in the pharmacy door with ten or more prescriptions literally 15 minutes prior to closing time. The real kicker was that I was not able to locate my Medicare Prescription Drug Plan card. The pharmacist asked me 2 questions, then got on the telephone with my insurance company. Within moments I was walking out the door with ALL of my medicine, having paid less than ⅓ the amount I expected. Truly outstanding customer service. I'll never get my prescriptions from any other pharmacy."

"Both the man at the front and the pharmacist were friendly and helpful. They could have turned me away because I was late yet they stayed to fill my prescription without being rude or ugly about it. I appreciate their great customer service."

"My experience with Rite Away Pharmacy has been great. My mother currently gets her prescriptions there and when I pick up or have questions about her scripts, the staff is very nice and friendly. I have stopped by the last few Saturdays (since I work mon-fri) and the pharmacy tech working went above and beyond with my mother's scripts. Her recommendation for bubble packs has made my life so much easier for me and my mom. Highly recommend!"

"This pharmacy never disappoints! I stopped in to pick up my script on a Saturday & even though I was in a rush, I had to mentally prepare myself for a wait since I figured everyone else had the same idea. The pharmacy tech, Priscilla (who has helped me before) was super friendly & so informative... not to mention the service was speedy which made me happy about getting on with my errands for the day. Priscilla also blister packs my mom's prescriptions on James Casey and always does such an amazing job."

"This may be the last pharmacy where the pharmacist/owner who serves the customer’s needs. Pharmacist / Owner is intelligent, fast, professional, and respectful. How a pharmacy should run. Thank you!"

"Much better experience with the cashier at a later visit. It was a different employee."

"Friendly. Great prices. Faster than CVS by a long shot."

"Always the fastest, will never overcharge and just provide good customer service consistently."

"They are the best pharmacy I've ever used. Timely, efficient and courteous unlike big box pharmacies."